Welcome to our new Website

Welcome to our new Website

With a new team comes a new platform. Cyclo Nord-Sud’s new website has undertaken a refreshing makeover to ease and facilitate your access to our news. Enjoy your visit!

Because we have our hearts set on giving you the most transparent access possible to our activities, finances and way of functioning and clearing up and simplifying information when it comes to involve yourself, support us or interact with us, you will find :

In the Cyclo section : not only will you find all the information on our mission, history and values that we have been cherishing for the last 18 years, but also information on our partners, silent partners and sources of financing.

In the North section : information on projects that we develop in Québec, information on our bike fleet and finally information on our great educational kit addressed to teachers.

In the South section : information on the destination that your bikes pursue, a map displaying our current partners in countries of the South and a practical guide detailing their activities and the activities we develop with them.

In the Make a donation section : all what you need to know on the process to follow to donate a bike, spare parts and a map of all our permanent drop points; you will also find forms to make online secure donations with a click of your fingers!

In the Become a volunteer section : would you like to give us a helping hand, to organize a bike collection, a fund rising or to take a bike with you to a south country? All the answers to these points are in this section that we wanted simple and clear.

In the Shop section : greeting cards, tee-shirts, jewellery, a selection of lovely products you might offer… Not forgetting our catalogue of bikes (inappropriate for the roads of the south) refurbished by our volunteers and sold at a mate’s rates!