Sign the petition take a stand for environmental groups!

Sign the petition take a stand for environmental groups!

You support and appreciate the work Cyclo Nord-Sud does? We wish to invite you to sign the petition launched by the Quebec Environmental Group Network (RQGE) to defend the rights of groups like us and encourage the Quebec government to reinvest in programs that finance our missions (i.e. general costs).

Below the text published by the RQGE (translation):

“The environmental groups’ actions are essential for Quebec and for democracy, because they are orchestrated by citizens that have the expertise regarding their own environment and thus are the most apt to protect it. As a consequence of the lack of funding for general costs, a number of them have been obligated to restrict the extent of their work or even close permanently. In 2015, the funding for general costs (mission) was already extremely modest topping at $390 000 for national groups and this year the program’s budget is $0, meaning environmental groups are the poorest of all community groups in Quebec!

Help us slow down the decline of environmental groups and use this campaign as an opportunity to promote the work of all environmental groups!”

Click here to sign the petition (in French)

For more information : (In French)