Encore du monde à bicyclette

Being a cyclist in 1975 was not the best of times, as bicycles were only seen as a sport. Fortunately, a handful of visionaries fought for it being the ideal urban mean of transportation. It is this very vision that lead to the foundation of Le Monde à Bicyclette (MAB). This was a crucial step in cycling being democratized.

À vélo vers une ville nouvelle (Cycling to a new city) – is the slogan carrying their revolutionary vision. MAB understood that riding bikes allowed not only to cruise around town but also to project a future where the city lives, breathes and moves at a pleasant paste.

40 Years of History to Preserve

Ever since the dissolution of MAB at the turn of the century, its archives live in dusty boxes, nearly fifty of them. In addition to being hardly accessible, they all run the risk of being lost to moldy archiving. These boxes hold a significant slice of Montreal’s history that should be preserved and exhibited.

Encore du Monde à Bicyclette (EMAB) is a volunteer committee that wishes to present the legacy of MAB as linked to the birth of the cyclist movement in Montreal. Like its predecessors, it hopes to spark a discussion around the capacity of bicycles to be the source of advancements, a way to enhance the city.

Its objectives:

1. Collection/Preservation: Sort, organize and complete the archives

2. Promotion/Rediscovery: Showcase MAB’s legacy

3. Sustainability/Accessibility: Make the archives and information accessible beyond the project.

The Team

Gabrielle Anctil (cycling activist, web developer at Koumbit and computer science student); Yvon Larocque (archivist); Susie Larrivée (communications agent at the Conseil québécois sur le poids et la santé); Zvi Leve (experienced transportation planner, co-president of RuePublique, spokesman of Coalition Vélo Montréal); Laurent Levesque (general coordinator of Utile, master’s student at HEC); Eveline Martin-Archambault (museologist, project manager); Josée Riopel (archivist at the cinémathèque’s archives of the National Film Board of Canada); Honorary members: Robert “Bicycle Bob” Silverman (cofounder of MAB); Jacques Desjardins (cofounder of MAB)

The present team would like to thank all the people that have been involved in Encore du Monde à Bicyclette since its beginning.

// Support the Project

Despite the whole team being volunteers, this ambitious project still needs resources to run. It is possible to donate here.

The collected funds will go first to the purchase of archival quality preservation material, then to the scanning of the hefty content of the boxes, which include a collection of movies in various formats. In return, any eligible support of over $30 will be deductible for charity.

Thank you for your support!

To follow our progress on Facebook: www.facebook.com/EncoreMAB

To join EMAB’s committee: encoredumonde@cyclonordsud.org