The Carrefour d’Entraide et de Retrouvailles and Cap Haitien (CENTRECH) was founded on 19 October 2001. The organization aims to educate people from Cap-Haitien and Northern Haiti living abroad in Quebec, Canada or elsewhere, and all friends of Haiti, about the importance of supporting the development of Cap-Haitien and its institutions.

// Bike to school project

After Caracol and Limbé, Ouanaminthe was next to receive sustainable and economical transportation. As part of the Bicyle School Project, the Limbe School selected The John Paul II Institute as the recipient of 200 bicycles. The goal is to facilitate collaboration between the Limbe School and other educational institutions to improve access to bikes for students and teachers. In Limbe, the initiative includes a bicycle mechanics and welding program for young Haitians. In addition, hundreds of bicycles were sold at low prices to families of local students and teachers. Bikes were also sold to the public to help finance the operations of the Limbe School and to promote the use of bicycles in the community.


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JUNE 2017

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