CESTA – Amigos de la tierra

CESTA – Amigos de la tierra was founded in 1980 by a group of teachers to promote technologies appropriate for the social and environmental conditions of El Salvador. It is one of the largest environmental organizations in the country. CESTA educates the Salvadoran population about ecological values that promote sustainable development.

// ECOBICI workshop

The Ecobici Workshop’s mission is to break down mobility barriers of the rural population of San Salvador by using bicycles for transportation. Each year about thirty apprentices from disadvantaged neighborhoods of San Marcos receive free training in bicycle mechanics that lasts six months, a period during which ECATS pays for transportation and meals. Students learn bike mechanics from A to Z, enabling them to improve their chances of finding employment. Each bike sent by Cyclo Nord-Sud to Ecobici represents much more than a transportation alternative; it is also an educational tool. ECATS also works with several schools and youth centers to organize bike rides. This activity also encourages students to participate in sports, which in turn helps reduce the incentive for youth to become involved in criminal activities.

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