Echo de la Jeunesse

Echo de la Jeunesse, an NGO founded in Lomé in 2006, helps underprivileged children and vulnerable populations. Its objective is to boost local development by running projects to support education, health, culture and the environment.

The organization works in sectors such as:

-Infrastructures: school renovations, construction of water tanks and communal buildings, mostly in rural areas;
-Sustainable management of natural resources: bike distribution, inexpensive and clean transportation, environmental awareness;
-Education: literacy program, malaria awareness, professional training, distribution of school supplies and books to libraries, welcoming of international volunteers

ECHOJET wishes to assure everyone’s right to self-detemrmination, to participate in the establishment of a social, political and economical context of their region and country, all of which while safeguarding the environment.

// MECANO project

The MECANO project aims to make bikes accessible as a mean of transportation in order to be used as a lever of economic and social empowerment. Launched in Lomé in the Fall of 2013, the first container was shipped to Togo with Cyclo Nord-Sud’s 45 000th bike on board.

The project is centered around two aspects:
-The distribution of bikes, either for free or at a low price to isolated and low-income people, prioritizing women and children living in rural villages.
-Training in bike mechanic for the project’s beneficiaries

The 24th of December 2016 marked the debut of the new community and vocational training center in Sanguéra, located 15km from Lomé. The construction started in January of 2016, with monetary support from the Quebec Ministry of International Relations and Francophonie. The center has a training room, bike shop, warehouse and office. It will allow school dropouts from low-income family to receive a professional training in bike mechanic and entrepreneurship.


First container

4 633

Total bikes shipped

JUNE 2019

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