Shape Lives Foundation


The Shape Lives Foundation is a well known Ghanaian NGO devoted to the implementation and support of projects related to education, the environment, poverty reduction, and healthcare. The organization focuses on women, persons in need, victims, and it promotes policies that seek to improve local standards of living. Since its founding in 2003, the Shape Lives Foundation’s objectives have been :

  • To improve the lives of women, particularly in rural areas, offering them support in developing income generating activities.
  • Education and training of children and youth in different communities in Ghana.
  • Community development

Its values are gender equality, teamwork, reliability, transparency and respect for all.

// Bikes for all

The organization works hand in hand with Cyclo Nord-Sud in the Bikes for All Program, which aims to provide bikes at affordable prices to Ghana’s rural population. Payment plans are adapted to buyers’ ability to pay and rental services are also offered. The NGO’s main beneficiaries are students, farmers, apprentices and anyone who wishes to use a bicycle!



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