Terre des Jeunes-Togo

Terre des Jeunes-Togo is located in Lomé and has the mission of encouraging social, cultural and environmental engagement of young Togolese in the 5 regions of the country. The organization is mostly volunteers that care about the environment, fighting climate change and participating in the conservation of their country’s natural and cultural heritage, all of which while contributing to enhance living conditions in their community.

The organization’s actions range from awareness to mobilization: reforestation campains, workshops and training seminars, cleaning of public spaces and creation of scholar gardens.

The NGO’s resolutions are to:
-Lower poverty by increasing access to education and potable water;
-Minimize environmental footprint by reforesting, reducing pollution and efficient waste management;
-Support ecological initiatives and community empowerment.

// ECOVELO Project

The goal of the project is to promote cycling as a mean of socio-economic development among low-income populations and to encourage the use of bicycles as an ecological method of transportation.

Launched at the end of 2016, ECOVELO aims to enhance mobility by making accessible an ecological and economical mean of transportation along with advocating for cycling. Targeted people are children to make sure they can get to school and families of farmers to make their itineraries to fields and markets more efficient. Bikes also allow the organization to meet its other objectives by for example making supplying potable water easier. Finally the project grants new jobs to the communities that have to run the 8 distribution points scattered around the country.

Terre des Jeunes – Togo benefited from the expertise of Écho de la Jeunesse in their project’s elaboration and first container reception : a great example of inter-partner collaboration!

The organization is part of Terre des Jeunes Transnational whose headquarters are located here in Montreal. This is just an additional opportunity to mark our solidarity and ensure our bicycle project’s success.

October 2016

First container 

2 515

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April 2019

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