Vélorution Saint-Michel

Vélorution Saint-Michel is a service offered to educate and empower the neighborhood population with regards to daily bicycle use. Vélorution Saint-Michel offers introductory cycling activities, bike mechanic, road trips, and much more. Since its opening on November 1st 2018, VSM is proud to be the only community driven bike workshop of the neighborhood!

Collectively, let’s act for the environment

with clean life and transportation habits!

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Velorution Saint-Michel workshop

Learn to use the right tools and become fully autonomous in your bicycle repairs at the new Velorution Saint-Michel Workshop! VSM is opened to all and everyone, and is the first community driven workshop dedicated to bike repairs in the neighborhood.

Does your bike deserve a tune up but you are unsure where to start? Do you dream of becoming an expert bike mechanic, or want to share your passion of bicycles with others?

Come join us at VSM to :

  • Fix your bike by learning about bike mechanic;
  • Let your inner mechanic thrive by répairing bikes at VSM’s workshop;
  • Assist VSM’s visitors in their repairs by volunteering!

…all of which while benefiting from the mechanics and vulonteers’ experience!


Contact us for more information:
Write to us at vsm@cyclonordsud.org
Or call Alexane at 514-843-0077 ext 1002

Contact us for more info: Write to vsm@cyclonordsud.org
or call either Alexane at 514-843-0077 ext 1002

VSM’s team welcomes you during the week. Check the detailed schedule on our Facebook page,

Write to us: vsm@cyclonordsud.org
or call Alexane at 514-843-0077 ext 1002

Access to VSM

Our services

Mobile workshops on bicycle-cargo

The mobile cargo bike enables us to offer free mobile bike repair services. We offer various schedules in the Saint-Michel area such as Champdoré, François-Perreault and René-Goupil parks. 


Details in our calendar 2018

Please take note that in case of bad weather, the activity can be cancelled, Make sure to check our facebook page in the morning before getting there.

For more informations, contact us: vsm@cyclonordsud.org
or call Alexane at 514-843-0077 ext 1002

Basic and resourceful mechanics

Even with minimum tools and means, it’s possible to learn basic bike mechanics. Vélorution Saint-Michel offers bike mechanics workshops: this is the key to autonomize cyclists and facilitate daily bike use. We provide all the useful tools and accessories for half-day workshops (3hrs) for a maximum of 10 participants (minimum 4). 

Workshops’objective :

• Identify principal bike parts
• Bike size fitting
• Puncture repair : reparing inner tube (« patching ») and changing the tube.
• Brakes ajustments
• Derailleur ajustments


Residents of Saint-Michel: 30$ / person

Non-residents of Saint-Michel: 40$ / person

School: voluntary contribution : 30$ / person

Contact us for more info: vsm@cyclonordsud.org
or call Alexane at 514-843-0077 ext 1002

Low cost bikes

Our mission is to make cyclism accessible to everyone. It is important to move around in your city!  Vélorution Saint-Michel sells low cost bicycles revamped by Cyclo Nord-Sud’s mecanics and volunteers.

Check out our online store for availables bikes, 
If none of the availables bikes suit your needs, send us a message on facebook, we will find one for you. 

Contact us for more info: vsm@cyclonordsud.org
or call Alexane at 514-843-0077 ext 1002

Solidarity fleet for your activities

Because we do not all have a bike, Vélorution Saint-Michel provides organizations and schools with a bike fleet of twelve bikes for group activities. The duration is up to you, you can either rent from half a day to multiple days. We also have tandems bikes availables.

Contact us for more info: vsm@cyclonordsud.org
or call Alexane at 514-843-0077 ext 1002

Touring Saint-Michel 

Cycling tours are offered to promote cycling and safe routes in the area.

Reclaiming your neighborhood by cycling implies greater ease on the road.

Contact us for more info: vsm@cyclonordsud.org  or call Alexane at 514-843-0077 ext 1002

We offer in situ bike repair services for enterprises and organisations during working hours. This mean one can leave with a fully adjusted bike at the end of the day.  We offer full service (parts change, brakes replacement, cables and cable housing replacement) as well as fine tuning of your bike.

All parts are changed and charged with the agreement of the bicycle owner. Our prices below covers travel and labor time.


Residents of Saint-Michel: 20$ / bicycle

Non residents of Saint-Michel: 30$ / bicycle

School : Need maintenance for your bike fleet ? Contact us to know our prices!

Contact us for more info: vsm@cyclonordsud.org
or call Alexane at 514-843-0077 ext 1002

Earn your bicycle !

Specially designed for you to learn how to take charge of your own bike. We will provide used bicycles for you to learn mecanical basics and return home with the same bike!



  • Identify principal bike parts
  • Puncture repair: reparing inner tube ( «patch») et tube changing
  • Brakes ajustments
  • Derailleur’s ajustment
  • Basic component replacing (brake pads, cables, cable housing)
  • Regular ajustments and verification


Residents of Saint-Michel: 100$ / bicycle

Non residents of Saint-Michel: 200$ / bicycle

Contact us for more info: vsm@cyclonordsud.org
or call Alexane at 514-843-0077 ext 1002

You have always wanted to try cycling ? Kids or adults, this activity is open to everyone!

A two hours introduction with practice on an adapted closed circuit.
If you don’t own a bike we can provide one !

Objectives of the introduction: 

• First approach to cycling
• Balance on the bike
• Movements ability and reflexes on a bike
• Convenient cycling with ease


Residents of Saint-Michel: 10$ / person

Non residents of Saint-Michel: 20$ / person


Contact us for more info: vsm@cyclonordsud.org
or call Alexane at 514-843-0077 ext 1002

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// Cycling at the heart of sustainable development

Mobility is a crucial part of everyday life. It improves personal productivity and allows people to be more independent. Cycling is an effective response to
sustainable development issues. It is the fastest means of transportation for urban trips up to 8 km. (Vélo Québec, 2009) Cycling is also zero greenhouse gas emission, which means zero environmental impact. Moreover, it can be revalorized many times, it has a life span of several decades. Biking enables leisure activity and daily exercise, and contributes to the improvement of public health.

Are you a school, a recreation center, a community center, a business or an individual … would you like to take advantage of the services offered by Vélorution Saint-Michel?

Contact François Delwaide by mail at projetsnord@cyclonordsud.org or call us on 514 843-0077.