Bike for aid workers

If you are going South on an international cooperation internship, Cyclo Nord-Sud can provide you with a used bike for your use. At the end of your stay, you leave the bike with a local resident – a highly appreciated gift! Travelers not associated with a solidarity group can also participate in the bike travel program.

// To obtain a bike, you must:

– Email us or call 514 843-0077 with your bike size, your destination and the date of your departure;
– Provide proof of air travel two weeks before your departure. If you have a direct flight with Air Transat, your bike travels free. If you travel with another company, see their website for bike transportation terms and conditions;
– Commit to giving the bike to someone who will benefit from it, take a photo of the recipient and complete our short form (available in three languages);
– Pay $40 for administration and reconditioning costs;
– Provide a $30 deposit.

Note :

We provide a used bike, reconditioned by our team to be safe and functional. It is not a cycle touring bike. Cyclo Nord-Sud is not responsible for incidents during your trip. Helmet, lights and lock are not provided.

Jonathan Mongrain (21 ans)
Québec Without Borders internship – environment and agriculture, Cuba

« I am very grateful for the bike, an efficient non-polluting means of transportation and most importantly, for making a Cuban happy. Our cook Joaquim had this big smile which moved us all at the bike donation ceremony. He was a close friend from the beginning of my stay and he had no idea he would inherit my bike.

In general, Cubans cannot afford a bike, much less a car. They must wait for public transportation for hours, or walk. I am glad to have improved the quality of life of Joaquim and his family. » 

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