Collect funds

The generosity, solidarity and commitment of our supporters are the strength of Cyclo Nord-Sud. Over the years, we have been impressed by the originality of their initiatives, which have raised considerable sums of money. Here are some inspiring examples…

In schools : when young people are involved

Some 28 students from secondaire 3 of the l’Académie Laurentienne in Val-Morin can be very proud of themselves. From may 29th to the 31st they rode 161 km on the bike path of the P’tit Train du Nord. Courageous and tenacious our cyclists slept in tents for two nights, handled the heat and clouds of mosquitoes and maintained their morale. This fund-raising event collected $1,240.00, which the students donated to Cyclo Nord-Sud. Well done folks, the entire Cyclo Nord-Sud team is proud of you !

Schools in Montreal, Sainte-Foy and Repentigny have chosen our cause and made it their own. With boundless imaginations, students, parents, teachers and other groups have broadened their fund-raising activities, motivated by the desire to improve their results: selling handmade products (plants, banana bread, sweets, postcards) and organizing movie nights (with popcorn, of course!) and plays. We have even sent the comedian, Eddy King, to head-line fund-raising events. For all these visionaries, international solidarity activities represent a concrete way to help others.

A bike trip : riding for a good cause

Professor of French at the Royal Vale school in Montréal and passionate of cycling and adventure, Gonzague de Bretagne undertook a bike ride of 6000 km across Latin America. The purpose of his travel: take pleasure, but also aware children in schools of sustainable transport’s benefits. His crowdfunding campaign on the platform Indiegogo has made it possible to collect $1635 in favor of Cyclo Nord-Sud!

Recent retiree and member, Michel Veilleux, volunteers with Cyclo Nord-Sud. He started a tour of the Belle Province by bicycle that took him to the Gaspé Peninsula. For him, riding and discovering his part of the province was not enough, he chose to combine solidarity with pleasure and support a cause close to his heart. Thus he challenged his former colleagues to donate a few cents to Cyclo Nord-Sud for each kilometer he traveled. Our friend Michel, in a month and 2500 miles, has raised $500.

Bike ride with a future olympian

The professional cyclist Véronique Labonté , invited fans to ride with her to support Cyclo Nord-Sud, simply for the pleasure of riding! Sixty participants joined this famous athlete and rode a relaxed 43 km. This memorable event raised $680 and recruited 16 new members for Cyclo Nord-Sud.

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