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Between November 5th and December 21st,

help us grow and strengthen our chain of solidarity!


Cyclo Nord-Sud launches again its end-of-year Campaign! Help us add links to our great chain of solidairity!
How? By renewing your annual or monthly donation to remain a Link or by inviting your friends, family, colleagues to join the cause by becoming Links as well!
Even better? 
During the campaign, thanks to the support of our generous patrons, your donation will be doubled! 

$1 donated
$2 for Cyclo Nord-Sud!

Don’t want to donate online ? 
– There are others solutions ! –

Téléchargez le coupon d’adhésion, imprimez-le et faites-nous le parvenir à l’adresse suivante :

Cyclo Nord-Sud
8717, 8e Avenue, Montréal (Québec)  H1Z 2X4

Appelez-nous au 514 843-0077 ou au 1888 843-0077 avec en main votre carte de crédit et vous pourrez souscrire à notre mission.