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For future collaborations…

Bike projects aim to have long lasting effects by directly assisting communautary development, whether it is on a local, regional or national scale.

This objective is achieved through the democratization of bicycles as an alternate mean of tranportation, which is made possible by offering low priced bikes. Its immediate benefits must allow for enhanced living conditions in these communities: easier access to education and health services, empowerment of women, access to microcredit and the creation of microenterprises, all of which while respecting the environment.

We are currently consolidating ongoing projects and because of our limited bike supply, we are not able to start new partnerships right now involving the shipping of bike containers.

If your organization is in a country where a project is ongoing, we invite you to communicate with our partners to discuss collaboration opportunities.

To learn more on our ongoing projects, click here

If you are a person, group or organization that is planning the expedition of a container at your own expense as part of a social project, Cyclo Nord-Sud can donate bicycles, according to available resources.


Your objective is to give mobility to people that do not have alternate means and to enhance socioeconomic conditions of vulnerable populations
Bikes are not repaired and are given as is
We do not donate tools or bike parts
Bikes have to be picked up from our warehouse located at 8717 8th avenue, Montreal
When reaching destination, bikes should be given to a non-profit organization registered in the country

Before contacting us make sure that bikes can be imported in the country!

Please include these informations in your request:

A short description of your project (who, when, what, where, how, …);
The place and date of shipping in addition to a list of other goods sent;
The amount of bikes desired (specify the size and type). We limit our donation to 50 bikes for first-time partners (please note that we mostly have road bikes);
The name of the organization that will take charge of the bikes at destination and a link to their page (website, Facebook, …)

An example of a partial project!

Lufecadis, a non-profit organization in Guatemala, receives each year a container of donated goods (clothes, shoes, dishes, school supplies and bikes) intended for the population, prioritizing children with disabilities of Poptun and surroundings. The containers’ shipping is made possible by Mr. Marien Landry, member of the administration council of Lufecadis and Quebec resident.

For more information or to send us a request :