Other donations

In addition to bikes, money and time there are other things you can contribute to make a difference in the South.

Bicycle parts, accessories and tools

In each container of bikes shipped South we also include parts and accessories to ensure their long-term maintenance. Things we might throw away here can still be used elsewhere, for example, inner tubes can be repaired over and over again with patches, a crooked wheel can be straightened, etc.

Already, around thirty local bike shops in the Montreal area contribute extra parts,  accessories and tools to maintain bikes going south. These items ensure the ongoing maintenance of bikes sent to the south, and even more: a tire pump is essential in isolated areas; a baggage rack transforms an ordinary bike into a cargo carrying vehicle; fenders make all the difference in the rainy season. Thanks to affiliated shops, our southern partners receive containers overflowing with bikes and the additional valuable extras.

You can give too in our affiliated bike shop !