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Bicycle projects contribute in a sustainable way to local community development of the target municipality, region or country. Projects aim to promote the use of bicycles as an alternative transportation method by making them accessible at a low cost. Immediate benefits should include the improvement of the living conditions of disadvantaged communities, specifically through better access to education and health services, greater empowerment of women, respect for the environment, access to microcredit, and creation of micro-enterprises. Cyclo Nord-Sud favours long-term commitments, which include sending multiple containers to its partners.

// Preparing your application 

Before submitting an application, please research fees, taxes or tariffs payable to relevant local authorities to import approximately 400 bicylces and bicycle parts in your country. Approach the authorities to seek an exemption from import taxes. Proof of import fees and tariffs payable will need to be provided when submitting an application. The eligibility process may take several months.

// Processing your application

Your file will be analyzed by an evaluation committee. Once your file is complete, it is submitted to the Cyclo Nord-Sud board of directors for approval. We receive many requests and our ability to ship bicycles depends on on a number of variables, including funding and the time of year. Please note that current Cyclo Nord-Sud partners have priority on the reception of bicycles.

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