Vélorution Saint-Michel

Vélorution Saint-Michel is a service offer to educate and empower the neighborhood’s population with regards
to daily bicycle use. Vélorution Saint-Michel offers introductory cycling practice, bicycle mechanics, road trips, and many other services!

Collectively, let us help the environment through healthy lifestyle and mobility choices!

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Repair your bike

Mobile workshops on bicycle-cargo

The mobile bike cargo enables us to animate activities anywhere in the neighborhood. It brings tools and information to bring on dialogue around active transportation in the neighborhood: healthy and environmentally sound lifestyles, sustainable transportation and the many benefits of cycling. A bike-cargo = 0 greenhouse gas = good for the environment!

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Basic and resourceful mechanics

Even with minimum tools and means, it’s possible to learn basic bike mechanics. Vélorution Saint-Michel offers bike mechanics workshops: this is the key to autonomize cyclists and facilitate daily bike use.

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Ride together

Solidarity fleet for your activities

Because we do not all have a bike, Vélorution Saint-Michel provides organizations and schools with a bike fleet for group activities.

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Initiations to biking

Feeling comfortable and safe is essential before riding your bike. Vélorution Saint-Michel proposes introductions that are aimed at all those who have never cycled or simply wish to practice their skills.

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Touring Saint-Michel 

Cycling tours are offered to promote cycling and safe routes in the area.

Reclaiming your neighborhood by cycling implies greater ease on the road.

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Save money

Low cost bikes

It is important to move around in your city! However, various means of transportation can be expensive… Vélorution Saint-Michel also sells to local residents (with proof of residence) low cost bicycles (between $30 and $100) revamped by Cyclo Nord-Sud volunteers.

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Earn your bicycle !

You want to improve your knowledge of bike mechanics? The “Earn your bike” program gives you the opportunity to learn the basics of bike mechanics… And leave with your repaired bike!

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// Cycling at the heart of sustainable development

Mobility is a crucial part of everyday life. It improves personal productivity and allows people to be more independent. Cycling is an effective response to
sustainable development issues. It is the fastest means of transportation for urban trips up to 8 km. (Vélo Québec, 2009) Cycling is also zero greenhouse gas emission, which means zero environmental impact. Moreover, it can be revalorized many times, it has a life span of several decades. Biking enables leisure activity and daily exercise, and contributes to the improvement of public health.

Are you a school, a recreation center, a community center, a business or an individual … would you like to take advantage of the services offered by Vélorution Saint-Michel?

Contact François Delwaide by mail at projetsnord@cyclonordsud.org or call us on 514 843-0077.

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