The 20 years of Cyclo Nord-Sud

Cyclo Nord-Sud celebrates its 20 years!

In 20 years, it’s over 71 000 bikes that have been brought back to life. They have started their second courses among lower income populations through our projects, helping us achieve our social, environmental and solidary missions both internationally and locally. It is indisputable that transportation is a serious issue all around the globe. Cyclo Nord-Sud wishes to keep sensitizing and enabling people to enhance their quality of life and share the freedom bicycles grant to as many as possible.

Your support is essential to write the next 20 years of Cyclo Nord-Sud’s history!

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The Dawn of Cyclo Nord-Sud: Le Monde à Bicyclette

Can you envision Montreal without any bicycle arrangements? In the 70’s, …


Claire Morissette, environmentalist, revolutionary and founder of CNS

Fervent activist fighting…