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Do you have time and talents to offer?
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We are always looking for volunteers, specialists and interns interested in supporting our cause. Your generosity is the lifeblood of our organisation. In 2018, over 5000 hours of volunteering allowed Cyclo Nord-Sud to fulfill its mission.


Here are the different categories and positions available (you can sign up for more than one):

Becoming a volunteer for Vélorution Saint-Michel means helping to equip, empower and raise awareness among the neighbourhood’s population about the daily use of bicycles, while developing cycling culture. Help us fulfill our mission so that everyone can enjoy this active and sustainable mode of transportation to the fullest!

On the Move in the Community

Cyclo Nord-Sud is the representative of Vélo Québec’s On the Move in the Community program. In the spring and fall, grades 5 and 6 students learn to ride their bicycles safely through the streets of Saint-Michel. Instructors, trained by Vélo Québec, accompany students on half-day group outings and individual outings to show them safe riding practices on the road. Teachers prepare students ahead of time by going over the Highway Safety Code.

Note that participation in an 11-hour training session with Vélo Québec and a criminal record check are essential to obtain certification as an experienced cycling instructor with On the Move in the Community.



Whether it’s teaching the proper use of tools, promoting self-sufficiency in bike repairs, or spreading its passion for bicycle mechanics, the Atelier Vélorutionnaire Saint-Michel (AVSM) welcomes all those interested in developing bike mechanics skills through volunteer work. The AVSM is always looking for new volunteers to get involved in the project!

Volunteer mechanics come during the AVSM’s opening hours, according to a mutually agreed upon schedule, to provide support to members who come to repair their own bicycles. No mechanical prerequisites are necessary. Those interested will receive training in customer care and basic mechanics.

The customer reception and basic mechanics training courses are offered by registration only, on the first Friday of each month, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., at the AVSM.

For more information, you can consult the Practical Guide for Volunteer Mechanics.

A pilot project launched in the summer of 2019, Vélorution CDN-NDG aims to raise awareness and provide the people of Côte-des-Neiges and Notre-Dame-de-Grâce with material support to encourage daily bicycle use by offering repair workshops in the borough’s parks. In addition, introductory sessions on cycling in general and its practice are offered so  that residents may familiarise themselves with this active and sustainable mode of travel.

Introduction to cycling

A great opportunity to share your cycling experience by teaching children and adults the basics of cycling : initial overview, balance, pedaling skills, etc. The workshops are two hours long and take place in safe zones on weekends. In Côte-des-Neiges and Notre-Dame-de-Grâce bilingualism is an asset!

Bike mechanics in parks

During the summer, the Vélorution Côte-des-Neiges, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (VCDN) team travels from park to park, four days a week, to carry out free repairs on the bicycles of local residents.

To join the VCDN mechanical team, we ask interested people to participate in several mechanical sessions at the Atelier Vélorutionnaire – during Mechanical Fridays – in order to perfect their knowledge and develop expertise in bicycle mechanics.

The varied nature of the projects at Cyclo Nord-Sud provides opportunities to all those interested in bicycle mechanics to volunteer. Depending on your profile, interest and availability, we can direct you to the project that best suits you.

Below are descriptions of the projects for which we need volunteers for bike mechanics. For each project, we invite you to consult the project section in the menu to the left for details.

Mechanical Friday

Every Friday at the VSM workshop, from 10am to 4pm, volunteers repair and upgrade the bikes in the Cyclo Nord Sud fleet. During this time the team supports volunteers in developing their mechanical skills. So, no matter what your current knowledge, everyone is welcome to Mechanical Fridays. It is a stimulating way to learn bicycle mechanics or to improve your knowledge at one’s own rhythm!

To participate in Mechanical Fridays, volunteers must participate in a welcome and basic mechanics training, which takes place every first Friday of the month, from 5pm to 8pm. Once trained, volunteers can register to participate in one or more Mechanical Fridays.

VSM's Workshop

In order to empower the population of Saint-Michel, the Atelier Vélorutionnaire (AVSM) allows its members to carry out repairs on their bicycles. Volunteers are present at each evening to support members with repairs to be done on their bikes.

A person interested in participating in the AVSM project will be invited to a welcome evening and training in basic mechanics. The welcome training and basic mechanics evenings take place every first Friday of the month, from 5pm to 8pm, at the Atelier, upon registration.

Vélorution Côte-des-Neiges, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

Launched in July 2019, the Vélorution Côte-des-Neiges, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (VCDN) pilot project needs expert bicycle mechanics volunteers for mobile repair booths in neighbourhood parks.
If you are interested in a project, register as a volunteer for VCDN. The members of the coordination team will be able to assess your mechanical skills and will indicate the current needs based on your skills. You can also participate in Mechanical Friday (see above for details on Mechanical Friday) to develop your mechanical skills!

Warehouse work

In the warehouse, volunteers are called upon to handle all kinds of bicycle parts. This is a good way to learn more about bicycle mechanics, including cutting up, which helps you understand how a bicycle is built. An opportunity that can interest both beginners and advanced cyclists.

Volunteers who want to work at the warehouse are invited to participate in Warehouse Thursday. From 10am to 4pm on Thursdays, the work team and volunteers work together to prepare containers and handle bicycles. That said, in the warehouse, the work is dictated by the arrival of bicycles: it is impossible to schedule tasks from one week to the next. This is what keeps volunteers on their toes from one week to the next!

The warehouse is a transition place for bicycles, in order to receive them and then distribute them in our various recycling projects. When volunteers work in the warehouse, they are mandated to assist with butchering, compaction, sorting, parts cleaning or any other tasks necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the warehouse.

Warehouse Thursday

Every Thursday, the coordination team works in the warehouse with the volunteers to support them in the work to be done. This makes it an ideal day to welcome new volunteers.

For all information about Warehouse Thursday, click here to access the Practical Guide to Warehouse Work.

Autonomous warehouse work

For regular volunteers, it is possible to work independently in the warehouse during office hours, on Monday to Friday, from 10am to 4pm.

Unlike warehouse Thursdays, the coordination team does not necessarily work in the warehouse with volunteers during the week. For this reason, we ask volunteers who arrive on autonomous days to notify the team in advance.

Bike collections are organized by volunteer groups throughout Quebec and Eastern Ontario. These collections are an undeniable contribution to our mission: 24% of the bicycles collected in 2018 came from the collections. They also raise public awareness of the environmental, social and cooperation issues related to our mission.

Organize a Bike Drive

Organizing a bike drive is one of the best ways for volunteer groups to get involved with Cyclo Nord-Sud in a concrete way, in addition to being a great challenge. If you are interested in organizing a collection, we invite you to visit the Organizing a Bike Drive page for more information.

Assist a Bike Drive

At bike drives organized by volunteer groups, some members of the North-South Cyclo team can travel to the bike drive site to help the volunteer group receive bicycles and raise awareness. They are mainly held on weekends.

Without participating in the organization of the drive, volunteers who wish to participate can assist the team members. Tasks include compacting bicycles, placing equipment (tables, chairs, tents, etc.), talking to the public about issues related to our mission, completing unofficial tax receipts, loading and unloading the truck at the end of the day.

With a view to enhancing the value of bicycles, 80% of the bicycles recovered by Cyclo Nord-Sud are sent internationally, for partner organizations. Each year we fill between six and eight containers for its various partner organizations. Bicycles, tools and parts are heading out to their new lives directly from the Port of Montreal.

Loading a Container

Before being sent to our international partners, containers must be loaded at our warehouse. Loading a container means filling it to the brim with bicycles – between 375 and 450 bicycles – and used parts. Always carried out in a friendly atmosphere, the coordination team and volunteers meet to carry out this great task from our warehouse in Saint-Michel.

Container loading mainly takes place on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. We always provide meals and snacks to support everyone. If you are interested in a mandate, please let us know which day(s) you are generally available in the registration form.

To promote our activities, to participate in community involvement or to promote sustainable mobility, Cyclo Nord-Sud organizes and participates in many varied events throughout the year, all of which are directly or indirectly related to cycling. At these events, we call on volunteers to support us in the areas presented below.

Public awareness raising

Cyclo North-South participates in many events where it is important to properly communicate our mission, values and issues associated with our objectives. For people who like to communicate with the public and discuss social and environmental issues, awareness is for you!

Interested parties will receive the necessary documentation to immerse themselves in the world of North-South Cyclo. In this way, they will be able to familiarize themselves with our current projects, our social and ecological orientations, as well as the relevant vocabulary to use when dealing with the public.

Taking photos or videos

If you are a cycling and camera enthusiast, you can help us to enhance our virtual and paper publications with pictures, by accompanying our team during the events in which we participate or organize.

It is also always possible for people who have suggestions to propose photo or video projects of our activities!

Logistical support

This work varies depending on the nature of the event, but it essentially consists of supporting the team in the preparation and hosting of the events we organize. Tasks could include setting up the room, running the bar, serving a meal, welcoming participants, cashier, etc.

Cyclo’s communications team always needs support with its regular tasks, but also for occasional projects. This assistance can be provided at our offices during business hours or at home if the person prefers. Of course, before starting the project, a meeting in person or via Skype is necessary to establish the basis for the project and commitment.

Graphic Design

For some projects, the communications team needs support with graphics. This work consists of creating visuals on software such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, on PC or MacOS, or formatting texts for publication. Please note, however, that we cannot provide you with a computer outside the office or a copy of these programs.

Update the website

It is often necessary to update statistics, articles or entire pages of the website. The work is done on WordPress, and a good command of English is an asset. Volunteers who wish to work on the website can do so regularly or occasionally, depending on their availability.

Help with SEO

As a charity, Cyclo benefits from the Google Ad Grants program, a monthly budget that increases the website’s visibility in Google searches. This work is a challenge with great potential that an interested volunteer could take on. It is preferable to have a good knowledge of how SEO works or to be skilled in research to undertake this project.


To English or Spanish, Cyclo Nord-Sud is full of documents to translate: official documents, web pages, bike stories, visuals, etc. The translation is done very well at home, as interested parties have access to the Internet and specific software.

The administration coordination team also needs support, not only for its regular tasks, but also for special projects: a simple and accessible way to support Cyclo’s operations. Some mandates are ad hoc, others require more regular involvement. We welcome all interested people with a profile that matches our current needs!

Data Entry

We must regularly enter information from bicycle donors, in particular, into the database in order to issue tax receipts. This task must be performed at our offices to access the database and does not require any special prerequisites.

Link Loyalty

Every year, Cyclo Nord-Sud carries out a work to increase the loyalty of its links. The links that give money regularly are contacted to encourage them to renew their generosity. Essentially, volunteers who participate in the retention of links take the phone in the evenings during the week to discuss Cyclo North-South with the links.

Computer Support

Although the coordination team is resourceful, computer problems and updates never come at the right time. Do you have any computer skills? Let us know and we will contact you when necessary! We have a computer equipment of Mac, PC, laptops or desktop computers.

The Quebec City Volunteer Committee, formed in 2015, is a group that supports Cyclo Nord-Sud’s activities in its regular activities in the Capitale-Nationale region: handling bicycles to the Quebec City warehouse, compaction, sorting parts and bicycles, support with transportation between Montreal and Quebec City, support during collections, participation in cycling events, etc. In addition, the volunteers of the Quebec City committee have developed their own projects over the years, according to the reality of the Quebec City region.

Volunteering in Quebec

In addition to helping with Cyclo Nord-Sud’s regular bicycle handling and awareness activities in the Quebec City area, the committee has forged links over the years with organizations in the region to enhance the value of bicycles that do not find outlets with our international partners or in our local projects in Saint-Michel and Côte-des-Neiges, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. For example, some volunteers in Quebec City repair and refurbish bicycles for distribution to local partners.

There is also a Funding component to further develop Cyclo Nord-Sud’s activities in the Quebec City region.

To get involved with Cyclo Nord-Sud in the Quebec City area, register using the form. We will contact you to put you in touch with the Quebec City team, who can specifically explain the needs of the moment.

Formed in 2017, the Gatineau volunteer committee supports Cyclo Nord-Sud in the region. Committee members actively participate in cycling events and collections organized locally to promote the organization. In addition, the committee supports handling activities by collecting bicycles at drop-off points, managing the Gatineau warehouse, compacting and sorting bicycles.

Volunteering in Gatineau

To get involved with the Gatineau committee, register using the form below. We will put you in touch with Gatineau volunteers, who can directly explain their volunteer needs to you.

Encore du Monde à bicyclette (EMAB), under the aegis of Cyclo Nord-Sud, is a volunteer committee whose mission is to safeguard and promote the heritage of the World by Bike (MAB), linked to the birth of the cycling movement in Montreal. In continuity with its predecessors, Encore du Monde à bicyclette wishes to encourage reflection on the capacity of the bicycle to be an engine of change, a means of transforming the city.

Its objectives:
1. Conservation : sorting and organizing MAB archives
2. Dissemination and rediscovery : highlighting the MAB heritage
3. Sustainability : making information and archives accessible beyond the committee’s project.

More information about Encore du Monde à bicyclette here.

Volunteering with Encore du Monde à bicyclette

For any questions about EMAB or if you want to get involved with them, you can write to them here.

We offer the opportunity for groups of employees to come and volunteer. For more information, click here.

Container loading

For a dozen volunteers, it is possible to load a container. All information on container loading here.

Organize a bike drive

Do you want to involve the members of your work team in a solidarity project? It is possible to organize a collection. All the information here.

Bike Awareness Day

For a day with a variety of activities, we can provide you with our expertise in bicycle mechanics, introductory courses on bicycles, etc. If it is something that interests you, you can write to info@cyclonordsud.org and explain your project. A member of the team will answer you and explain the possibilities.